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Pilates Haus is proud to offer the Rossiter System - a unique and powerful holistic approach to pain relief using NO drugs, NO shots, and NO surgery.

The source of pain is often deep connective tissue shortening. This shortening decreases the space between muscle fibers, thereby increasing irritation on sensitive nerve endings. Connective tissue commonly shortens from age, overuse, or injury.

The Rossiter System works by stretching deep connective tissue and creating space to lessen irritation on nerve endings, thereby decreasing pain sensations. Joints no longer rub together (arthritis symptoms dissipate), ligaments don't rub and tear, nerves conduct impulses normally (instead of going numb, zingy, or buzzy, especially at night), and discs and vertebrae are no longer compressed. The body is able to move freely again without restriction, friction or tension.

The Rossiter System involves powerful two-person stretches including YOU (the "Person in Charge"or "PIC") and a Rossiter-Certified "Coach." You are in charge of your body and with Rossiter you will determine how quickly your pain will ease depending on how much hard work you're willing to do. The Rossiter system is a WORKOUT and takes EFFORT. 

The Rossiter System is recommended for conditions such as:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Low back and hip pain
Stiff necks, sore shoulders and arms
Foot pain, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis
Tight calf muscles and hamstrings
Restless Leg Syndrome
Hand, finger & thumb pain
Headaches and Migraines
Elbow tendonitis
 . . and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

 1.      How soon will I notice results?

It depends. How long have you been in pain? If you have been suffering for years, it may take several weeks to begin to feel pain-free most of the time. For many people, however, pain relief will come in minutes, a few days or weeks - rarely one month. The harder you work and the more attention you pay to details, the quicker you'll experience results.

2.      How long will the pain relief last?

That also depends on how long you've had your pain, but each time you do a Rossiter Workout, you'll relieve a little more pain than before and results will last longer.

3.      How often should I do a Rossiter Workout?

If your pain is new, you may only need one or two short Rossiter sessions to provide relief. If the pain is longer lasting or deeper, you may need more frequent workouts or for longer periods. Some do a workout every day because they like the results, others prefer once a week or every other week, and still others will return only when symptoms return. 

4.      How much does it cost?

There are two categories of Rossiter Workouts. The "Hot Shot" focuses on just one area of the body and involves 3 - 4 stretching techniques, usually taking up to 25 minutes. Examples may be a sore elbow, knee or plantar fascitis. The cost of a Hot Shot is $40.00. A "Complete Workout" involves a couple of problem areas on the body, such as lower back and hip pain, or elbow and shoulder pain, and involves 6 - 8 stretches taking up to 45 minutes. The cost of a complete workout is $85.00.

5.      Are there times when the Rossiter System is
NOT recommended?

Because the Rossiter System is a workout, there are times when we cannot recommend it to our clients. Instances such as recent surgeries, cortisone injections, broken bone, open sores or rashes and some disease processes such as cancer may prohibit clients from adequately performing the stretches. Also, you shouldn’t do the Hole in the Shoulder stretch if you have a pacemaker. Your Rossiter Practitioner will ask basic health questions to make sure you’re a good candidate-and please inform them of any special health concerns you have. If you are cleared for PT, you cleared to do these techniques. 

Please note: You MUST be able to get up and down off the floor WITHOUT ASSISTANCE to adequately perform Rossiter stretches. 

6.      Will Rossiter Workouts interfere with my other treatments ie. chiropractic?

Rossiter Workouts are not treatments and will not interfere with other modalities you may be undergoing. In fact, Rossiter Workouts may enhance the benefits of other treatments by helping you feel better - quicker.

It is not recommended, however, that you receive a Rossiter Workout on the same day as a chiropractic treatment, and Rossiter Workouts should always be done before a massage session. 

7.      Where can I get more information on the Rossiter System of pain management?

Please call us at 904-655-1822 to ensure that you are a candidate for the Rossiter System before scheduling  your first appointment. You are also encouraged to visit www.therossitersystem.com for additional information.

The Rossiter System will enable you to think differently about pain for the rest of your life and help alleviate it for good!​

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