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550 Hour Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program

Opportunity of Self Growth & Improvement

Maybe you are interested in enhancing your personal practice by learning more about the science and history of Pilates, and the many ways it can enrich your life. Our philosophy is that there is no better way to learn about the amazing practice of Pilates than to take such a comprehensive course. Expect to form new friendships, become more confident in your practice, develop a deeper mind/body connection, learn new things about your body and how to avoid injury in all life's activities.

Enriching the Lives of Others Through Pilates Teacher Training Programs

Our Pilates teacher training program was developed to ensure all of our graduates receive the highest level of education and are well prepared to transition from a Pilates student to a Pilates teacher. In addition, our comprehensive program meets & exceeds the (450 hours) requirements for Pilates Method Alliance certification eligibility. Over the course of our program, aspiring instructors will develop confidence and the knowledge to guide a Pilates class with their unique teaching style.  Our goal is to provide the Pilates training needed for you to deepen your own Pilates practice or making a move to a new path in teaching fitness.

 A great Pilates instructor must have five essential skills:

  •  Solid understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and postural issues
  • Strong command of the Pilates exercise repertoire
  • Ability to see the need for modifications and adjust accordingly
  • Ability to progress and challenge clients safely and effectively
  •  Ability to inspire and motivate clients to reach their fitness goals

Without all of the above skills, Pilates instructors cannot provide their clients with the best instruction they could receive and thus prevent the client from reaping all the benefits Pilates has to offer.

Pilates Haus offers a full 550-hr comprehensive teacher training program in a welcoming and accepting environment lead by founder Gola Donnelly, PMA®CPT.  After discovering Pilates 9 years ago Gola continues to share her passion for this amazing fitness movement through her teacher trainings. If your are ready to take the next steps to creating an amazing career in Pilates please email pilateshaus.gola@yahoo.com or call 904-655-1822.

During the course we will cover the Pilates exercises and the different pieces of equipment in great detail. Students will also be able to utilize the Pilates Haus studio for many of their observation hours, self practice, and student teaching. Our goal is to leave you with the skills to accurately assess each client and provide the Pilates training needed to accomplish their individual fitness goals. The knowledge to train clients with the Pilates method at any fitness level or with any physical limitation is learned throughout our 550-hr Comprehensive Teacher Training.  Truly teaching the body in front of you takes confidence and great knowledge. Choosing Pilates Haus guarantees a comprehensive training to get you to the level needed to enjoy a lengthy career in Pilates or to just gain more knowledge on your journey of growth and self improvement.

Upon completing Pilates Haus teacher training you will be able to take the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) exam. Continuing education credits will be offered through the internationally recognized organization all year long. 

Requirements for Completion of the 550-hr Training:

Anatomy & Movement Science: includes structural & movement analysis as well as injuries & conditions
Pilates Philosophy & Principles, History, & Code of Ethics, Movement & Alignment Principles
Mat Instructor training: Exercises,course work, written & practical test
Reformer Instructor training: Exercises, course work, written & practical test
Cadillac/Tower: Exercises, course work, written & practical test
Chair: Exercises, course work, written & practical test

Client Assessment & Exercise Program Development 
80 self practice hours, 200 student teaching hours, 80 Observation Hours (at least 20 observation hours for each module suggested)
Final exam upon completion

Course Prerequisites: Knowledge of the fitness industry and the teachings of Joseph Pilates is highly recommended. Each student should be familiar with the practice and technique of Pilates and have experience in both Mat Pilates and Pilates on the apparatus before embarking on the 550-hr teacher training.

Comprehensive Mentorship:

Students can often become overwhelmed during a training of this volume. Learning how to apply the information practically in your sessions can be intimidating. It takes time to understand how to work with a variety of clients. Having access to a mentor, specified observation hours, and student teaching hours during the the course will allow you to watch and apply various approaches to different bodies. You will have the opportunity to meet, observe, and assistant teach during your mentorship.  We will also observe you in your practice teaching hours and provide detailed feedback. This mentorship is the perfect option for someone who would like to begin teaching full time after the program is completed.

Bridge Program:

If you have already completed portions of a Pilates training elsewhere please contact us to discuss our bridge program. Application to bridge into our program is determined on a case by case basis.

To become a fully trained Pilates Instructor, students must complete the above requirements. Upon completion of all of the requirements, a certificate of completion will be issued. You have met the requirements to take the PMA - Certified Pilates Teacher Exam!

Also, after completing MAT 1, MAT 2 & Reformer 1 - you may have the opportunity to teach classes at Pilates Haus.